'Meri Planning' has been incorporated primarily as Financial Planning Experts dealing in most and all tools of Financial Planning. It all started in mid 2003 when the Insurance Sector was in it's tender stage of privatisation and expansion. Tough times doesn't last, tough people do.. We continued to gather deep knowledge and understanding of client's psychology. Client Servicing has always been our priority over Sales. With handful of experience in Life Insurance, we expanded to Mutal Funds and Investments in 2005. Focused on Capital Appreciation and Wealth Building, we gradually enriched Trust in our clients serving them with "Money Matters". This futher motivated us to enter the field of Health Insurance in 2007 and General Insurances in 2009.

As on day, we are the service providers to our esteemed clients in all financial fields like Life Insurance, General Insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Tax Saving tools, Corporate FD's and other financial planning tools.. We have also been actively providing Training Sessions in corporates and institutions for Insurance Awareness. We deal with Educational Institutions, Corporates, Industrial Establishments, Hotels and other Service Industries.

Talking of USP's, we are one amongst the pioneers in "Portfolio Management" in Rajasthan. Portfolio Management is all about Assembling, Organizing and Interpreting all your Financial Tools at one place. Thus, we try to make "Meri Planning" as a one stop shop for all your financial needs.



Think Tank
15 Yrs in Consultancy
Key in Knowledge Base


Lead Activist
13 Yrs in Consultancy
Key in Business Communication


DBM Expert
7 Yrs in Consultancy
Key in Book Keeping


Motor Vizard
13 Yrs in Consultancy
Key in Social Networking

Logo: Our Ethos

The "logo" of every enterprise speaks what they are and why they are.

Our logo comprises of the alphabet "M" which is the first letter of our name, "Meri Planning". The alphabet "M" is divided into two segments having two colors.
The starting section comprises of "Blue" color which is a symbol of "Growth and Returns". This section ends at a high passing through 'Zig-Zags'. It describes our endurance to handle your Portfolio despite the market volatility, eventually ending it upwards.
The next section comprises of "Red" color which is a symbol of "Risk". This section ends at a low passing through 'Zig-Zags'. It describes our commitment to reduce the risk component of your portfolio through our Insurance Solutions and Dynamic Approach.
And of course, we tag ourselves at the end with "One Stop Financial Shop" which we indeed strive to be.

Our Vision

Financial Planning is built on the foundation of "Trust". Our Vision is to develop an undefined level of Trust & Recommendation amongst our Clients. We foresee a "One Stop Financial Shop" where one can comfortable step in for all their Financial Needs and Stay Forever, Nourished and Flourished..

Our Mission

We are here to lower your Risk and Enhance your Capital. We do it with a large range of Financial Instruments including Insurance & Investments powered by our Skills,Knowledge and Experience. We would never stop where we are. Our continuity ensures your growth. If you are our client, your satisfied retention is our Mission!

Social Cause

As a part of this society, we pledge to reciprocate goodness to the society. We are open to provide support to the needy in the field of wellbeing, health and basic amenities. We always motivate our clients to participate physically and monetarily in these causes. We are an active contributor to "Gau Seva Samitis" and few NGOs.