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Meri Planning is the Most Recommended Group Insurance Expert in Jaipur. Employees are the biggest asset for any organization. When it comes to them, there is no compromise. We deeply understand the corporates need towards their Employee Benefit very well and help them finding best in class features and product at unmatched prices. Our clients have always endorsed our good work and thats how we have grown!

Over years, we have achieved high expertise in Optimizing the settlement of claims and leave no stone unturned to get your corporate every bit of its eligible reimbursement. We believe in keeping out clients fit by engaging them in health care sessions and health checkup campaigns, an overall life betterment. We have been successful in achieving almost 100% client retention and thats what we aspire to continue with! Come, join hands with us and experience a never before professionalism & services.

Exclusive Features we can provide you!

Group Health Insurance
Sum Insured: As Desired
Self, Spouse, Kids & Parents, Inlaws
30 Days Exclusions: Waived
24Hrs Hospitalization Required (Except for Day Care)
2 Yr Exclusions: Waived
Pre-Existing Illness: Covered
Maternity: Covered as per Requirement
New Born Baby cover
Room Rent: No Limit
ICU Rent: No Limit
Co-Payment: NIL
Zone-wise Copay- NIL
Age wise Copay- NIL
Pre-Hospitalization: 30Days
Post-Hospitalization: 60Days
Network Hospitals: Cashless
Non-Network Hospitals: Re- Imbursement
Day Care Procedures: Covered
Mid-Term Additions: Allowed for New Joiners
Special Coverages
Psychiatric Ailments Covered
Congenital Illness
Laser Eye Correction Covered for Over + - 5.5 D
Cyber Knife & Stem Cell Transplant: Covered
Cochlear Implant Covered
Nasal Sinus Surgeries Covered
Holter Monitoring: Covered for in-patient
Life Saving Prosthesis: Covered
Value Added Services
Once a Year Free Health Checkup
Health Awareness Sessions
Health Line/SMS Alerts/Newsletters
Pharmacy & Investigation Discounts
Online Access
Cashless Hospitals: List provided
Online Print of Health Cards: Available
Track Claim Status Online: Yes
Group Accidental Insurance
Sum Insured: As Desired
Employees Only Covered
Risk Covered: Accidental Only
Death: 100% of Sum Insured + Additional Sum for Children Education Allowance
Complete loss of any two limbs (Eye / Hand / Legs): 100% of Sum Insured
Permanent Inability to Earn: 100% of Sum Insured
Loss of One Eye / Hand / Leg: 50% of Sum Insured
Accidental Bed Rest: 1% of Sum Insured per week, upto 100 weeks
Medical Expenses: 50% of Claim upto max 15% of Sum Insured
Permanent Partial Disability: Below % of Cover
Loss %
Loss of Toes - All 20%
Loss of Middle Finger-3 Phalange 6%
Loss of Middle Finger-2 Phalange 4%
Loss of Middle Finger-1 Phalange 2%
Great both Phalanges 5%
Great- One Phalanx 2%
Other than great if more than one Toe lost each 1%
Loss of Ring Finger - 3 Phalange 5%
Loss of Ring Finger - 2 Phalange 4%
Loss of Ring Finger - 1 Phalange 2%
Loss of hearing - Both Ears 75%
Loss of hearing - One Ear 30%
Loss of Four Fingers and Thumb of one hand 40%
Loss of Four Fingers 35%
Loss of Thumb - Both Phalange 25%
Loss of Thumb - One Phalange 10%
Loss of Little Finger-3 Phalange 4%
Loss of Little Finger-2 Phalange 3%
Loss of Little Finger - 1 Phalange 2%
Loss of Index Finger - 3 Phalange 10%
Loss of Index Finger-2 Phalange 8%
Loss of Index Finger-1 Phalange 4%
Loss of Metacarpus
-First or Second (Additional) 3%
-Third, Fourth or Fifth (Additional 2%
Any other Permanent Partial Disability As per Doctor
Legal Violations
Septoplasty, HIV, Congenital Illness, Infertility & Related Ailments incl. Male sterility; Treatment on trial/experimental basis; Admin/ Registration/ Service/ Misc. Charges
Diseases, illness, accident or injuries directly or indirectly arising from war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, war like operations (whether war be declared or not)
The cost of spectacles and contact lenses, hearing aids
Intentional SelfInjury, Drugs, Alcohol
Dental treatment or surgery of any kind unless requiring hospitalization.
Voluntary Diagnostic & Investigations unrelated to illness / treatment
* Pls refer to Policy Wordings
Intimation within 24 hrs of Injury/ Illness through HR Department
Original Documents Submission at Discharge ASAP
Claim form Duly filled, sealed and signed by Hospital and Insured
All Original Prescriptios, Consultations, Reports, Films, Medicine Bills, Receipts, Final Bill etc
Copy of Health Card & Patients Goverment ID Card
May require HR Leave cum Salary Certificate, MLC Report, Death Certificate, Disability Certificate etc based on case.
It takes approx 20-30 days (after all query submission) to get the claim settled. Have patience.
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