Strategy - How we work?


Determine Current Financial Situation

Our First Professional Client meet is our most important step towards the process of Financial Planning. We have no readymade solution for your financial goals, coz you are no one ordinary. Each client is unique by his Nature, Finances, Health and Needs.
We gather information, observe your psychology, ask relevant questions and thus try Determining your Current Financial Situation.


Develop your financial goals

Based upon your Current Financial Situation, we ascertain your needs and prioritize them for you. We start with Necessities first and then workout on the wishes. We fix your monetary goals and the risks associated with them, match them with your saving and investing targets, uplift your determination to drive you faster and thus develop your Financial Goals.


Analyze and identify solutions

Post "Goal Setting", our main job is to explore the available options, companies and instruments matching your goals. This step involves extensive search in the large universe of Financial Instruments. We deeply understand the terms & conditions of the instruments, the risks associated with them and the possibility of timely settlement of claims. In this step, we end up identifying the combination of solutions available to suit your needs.


Evaluate alternatives

After the identification of the available solution, we derive the best available solution amongst the available ones with your viewpoints on the options. The best solution is the one on which we mutually agree.


Create and Implement your Financial Action Plan

Planning without Implementation is a waste. We raise bars to implement the mutually agreed solution within the decided timeframe. This involves minimizing the premium / investment cost, optimizing the features chosen and maximizing the utility. We also set a Financial Action Plan for your better understanding and provide it to you for your regular notice. Your satisfaction is our sole goal.


Regular Monitoring & Review

Dynamic nature of our field makes it mandatory for us to regularly monitor the performance of you Financial Action Plan. To keep it in sync with your changing needs, market conditions, availability of new options and government related amendments, we Review your Financial Planning on a regular basis.